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Hosted by two Bay area photographers, RE Casper and Jim Watkins. StreetPX focuses on the why, how, where and who of urban life (street) photography. We aim to sit down with fellow street photographers and let them share their stories, why they chose this genre, what inspires them and who they are as artists.
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Jun 23, 2017

Rammy Narula StreetPX Episode Promotional Banner

After an awesome first go at recording in front of a Live Studio Audience at Streetfoto, we're getting back into the interview groove, as we sit down with Bangkok Street Photographer, Rammy Narula.

If this name does not yet ring a bell, then you have to listen to this episode immediately. Rammy's talent is a unique blend of dedication and a style akin to sitting down to watch a theatrical blockbuster in slow motion. His way of capturing light to create the most vivid and inspiring slivers of time, are truly inspiring and today he lays out the process in creating his work and publishing his recent project, "Platform 10". A collection of images, freezing the history of one of the numerous platforms that "are", or rather, soon to be, "was" a part of life for many in the area.

Spinning off Platform 10, we dive into his experience capturing his neighborhood in the rapidly changing landscape of Bangkok, where history is being lost to mass demolition. An unfortunate side effect of urbanization in the modern world.

We have a ton to go over and just over an hour to do it... So let's welcome Rammy Narula, as he connects from 14 hours in the future and (at the time of recording) calmly awaiting a call, announcing he'll soon be a new dad.

From all of us at StreetPX.... Congrats on your new son. Happy Father's Day to you... and to all the dads out there!... and single moms, too!

Rammy Narula Link

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Jun 11, 2017

For the first time in our show's history, we dive head first into a live studio recording our StreetPX at the Streetfoto Festival.... in front a real life audience. Seriously, we're talking a room of actual people.

Organizer, Ken Walton of the Streetfoto International Street Photography Festival was kind enough to honor our team with a full 2 hour time slot at this year's fantastic week long event in San Francisco, CA. If you've been living under a rock these last few months, let me simply say, Streetfoto is slowly becoming the West Coast standard for what an International Street Photography Festival should be. Offering lectures (featuring the legendary Bruce Gilden), portfolio reviews, workshops, critique sessions, live shows, photo walks, new mobile application and advanced camera technology demonstrations, photography exhibits and a above all, a community of like minded individuals gathering together from far and wide, for a full week of appreciation in the craft of Street Photography.

On this episode, we welcome back Rinzi Ruiz, LA's premier street photographer and previous guest of our show. This time, we get to sit down with him in person and expand upon some previous topics and his recent travels abroad.

Additionally, with this special format, we had the unique opportunity to do something very special and randomly select one of this year's contest finalists from the crowd and have them sit in with us and share their story.

It was an absolute blast and above all, a HUGE thanks to our audience of 60+ throughout the night. You all kept our blood flowing and offered us the greatest achievement we could ask for... damn near filling a room on the very same day as the Golden State Warriors attempt to complete a historic championship win.

For such an event here in the Bay, that is without a doubt a badge of honor and we thank you again for your help in that honor.

Another big thanks to the Harvey Milk Photo Center and Director Dave Christensen for opening your doors to us and to the HMPC team for making sure the room was set up for us.

If you did not make it, fear not... we have caught the Live Audience bug and will certainly be doing this again... and soon!

Tune in today!

Live Video Recording

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Jun 1, 2017

We are going with a bite-sized episode today, as we quickly drop in on friend and former guest, Ken Walton, to discuss the happenings and logistics of Streetfoto 2017

Streetfoto, is an International Street Photography Festival, located here in the heart of San Francisco, CA and running from June 5th - June 11th. We've been wanting to get those specific details out there and we had the chance to steal a few moments from Ken to quickly go over the who, what, when, where and how of this great event.

Click for Festival Information

I know, I know... it's not a full interview this week... However, we plan to make up for that, by offering a double episode next week. As we sit down for our first ever LIVE Audience Recording of StreetPX... Oh, and we want you to be in our Peanut Gallery!

Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center, 50 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA

Recording Start Date/Time: June 9th @ 4PM - 6:30PM (Doors close at 4PM and do not open back up until 5pm)

Our opening show, will go for about an hour, talking with previous guest and phenomenal LA street photographer, Rinzi Ruiz... as well as two additional surprise guests. Hell, we may just randomly pull someone from the crowd and that person might just be YOU! This is what happens when we're given any kind of power... We wield it haphazardly.

Following our initial recording, we will pick back up around 5pmPM and transition into a new show, with a full panel from the iN-PUBLiC collective, including such names as Blake Andrews, Jesse Marlow, Aaron Berger, and newly inducted member and Bay Area local, Troy Holden.

All of this can be enjoyed Live, by registering below and visiting the Harvey Milk Photo Center... or, if you can't make it to the Bay area and want to enjoy from home, we will be offering a LIVE video stream online as well. More info on that to come.

Please know, you will not be required to present any tickets at the door. Admission is free, registration is voluntary and merely to help us get an idea of how many will be in attendance. Feel free to bring a friend. We should have plenty of space!

You do not want to miss this one. I know we say that often, but this is going to be something special.... So listen in, learn more about Streetfoto SF and we'll see you, in June!

May 18, 2017

StreetPX is tapping into both sides of the brain today, as Adobe Lightroom Product Manager and travel photographer, Josh Haftel, stops by the SPX studios to discuss his work, share insights into the workings of the Adobe machine, as well as a guided story on his 2 year walk-about through Myanmar, Cambodia and other wonderfully beautiful and remote locales.

Josh is a creative to the bones, with many stories to share... So tune in today and give those brain cells a jolt.

Oh and we want to remind all our listeners that our first ever SPX Live Audience Show is coming up quick - June 9th. So if your in the Bay area for Streetfoto this year, do not forget to register and join in our Peanut Gallery. Register Here! Tickets are FREE!

NOTE: We had some internet issues during this one, so the audio may not be the best it can be and we apologize for the echoey sound with Josh... It's not too bad, we're just perfectionists....

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May 5, 2017

Mike Kirschner began his creative path photographing the iconic musical artists' of San Francisco's psychedelic rock scene. From the mid-80s and the late-90s, he experienced the thrill of documenting such legends as Quick Silver Messenger Service, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and more.

Eventually, Mike discovered the thrill of street photography and later, took the reigns of the San Francisco Street Photography Group on Facebook. Since 2013, he has managed to grow its ranks to nearly 4000 members, establishing a thriving and robust community of talented photographers, including our very own SPX team... and during this past winter, he was instrumental in bringing to life the group's first high profile exhibition, title "eXposed", at the Harvey Milk Photo Center.

Tune in today and enjoy this fantastic conversation with our good friend, Mike Kirschner!

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Featured at eXposed and Shutterspeed
"Make Phil Sing!"

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Apr 21, 2017

Today on StreetPX, we have a full house, as Visual Artist Jean-Benoit Levy, Matthew Gerring from StreetSheet and TJ Johnston from the Coalition on Homelessness (also a writer for StreetSheet).

We're starting out with a little walk down the storied life of visual artist, Jean-Benoit Levy, as he shares his experience growing up in a creative household in Switzerland, hosting family friends such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado and his path to graphic design and an appreciation for photography.

Directly, we shift to the topic of homeless people, homelessness, and how the subject relates to Street Photography. We felt this is far to often debated, but more often without the right people involved in the conversation. So today StreetPX aims to change this with a head-on discussion with representatives from the very successful, Street Sheet. A publication dedicated to helping homeless people throughout in the Bay Area.

Notable Fact:

The San Francisco homeless population is conservatively estimated to be between 7,000-10,000, including enough children to fill 35 transit buses. Many of who attend school every day, and return to the street or the limited bay area shelters available at night. Of which, please keep in mind, for every 5 homeless people in San Francisco, there is but one bed available. Meaning, there is only enough space to shelter 20% of the total population on the streets today..

We dive into these realities of what homelessness truly means. The misconceptions of who is homeless. The relationship of HUD funding and homelessness and so much more. What the Street Sheet does for the community and what these guys, like Jean-Benoit Levy do to bring this publication to the public.

This is a very content heavy episode, wonderfully long, perfect for your morning and afternoon commute. Also, if that's not enough, then tonight you can enjoy the additional 30+ minutes of bonus content we are making available to all our listeners for this episode only. (See at the bottom of the post)

If you want access to more bonus content... more of that "StreetPX After Hours"... please visit our Patreon Contributor Page and toss us a few bucks a month to help us keep this wonderful show going.

This Episode Brought to you by Glass Key Photo in San Francisco, CA!!!

Jean-Benoit Levy Links

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Artists Mentioned

Photographers Currently Published in the StreetSheet

  • Daniel Furon
  • Travis Jensen
  • Barbara Traub
  • Hans Mauli
  • Najib Joe Hakim
  • Brad Evans
  • Lee Friedman
  • Yon Sim
  • Léonore Baud
  • Dennis Letbetter
  • Hiroyo Kaneko
  • Holger Struppek
  • Daniel Nicoletta
  • François Robert
  • Spencer Brown
  • Antonio Lobo
  • Maren Caruso
  • Phillip Sager
  • S. Smith Patrick
  • Jean-Blaise Hall
  • Rudi Vanderlans
  • Pierre Chatel
  • Sam Wolson
  • Lukas Felzmann
  • Morteza Majidi
  • Carmina Eliason
  • Jeff Blankfort
  • Jim Watkins
  • Thomas Kern
  • Ken Walton
  • Max Kellenberger
  • David Clarkson
  • Mike Kirchner
  • Adriano Biondo
  • RE Casper
  • Saul & Sandra
  • Jean-Pierre Grandjean
  • Aaron Draper
  • Hengli Lee
  • Jean-Benoit Levy
  • Jeff Spirer
  • Daniel Leu
  • Skot Jonz
  • Christan Heeb
  • Raoul Ollman
  • Dwayne Newton
  • Michael Kenna
  • Jaya Bhat
Apr 7, 2017

Documentarian and professor, Pedro Lange Churión, joins StreetPX today to discuss his craft, his inspirations and his large-format photography project, "May My Flesh Sleep in You", focusing on the Stolen Children crisis in Spain.

A deeply academic creative, through the University of San Francisco, Pedro teaches courses in Latin American Literature and Culture, Film Studies, Urban Studies, Photography, Comparative Literature and Critical Theory with an emphasis on Psychoanalytic Critical Theory. Yeah, some heavy stuff dropped in there at the end, and we get into some of this on today's episode? Many of these courses can be found here.

As a visual artist, he has written and directed award winning films, including Crocodile (USA, 2000) and Visitas (Colombia, 2005), as well as various dedicated documentaries, and experimental videos for The Urban Unseen.

Currently, Pedro is working on a large-format photography project, focused on the victims and the activists of the Stolen Children crisis in Spain.

"May My Flesh Sleep in You" is a project intent on bringing attention to the atrocities of the mid 20th century eugenics practiced during the Francisco Franco dictatorship. The actions of which, resulted in the disappearances of an estimate 250,000 newborns of parents, deemed as "undesirables" by the acting regime. A very powerful topic that goes highly under reported.

Idleness, in the bourgeois society that knows no leisure,  is the precondition for artistic production -- Walter Benjamin

Tune in today and learn more about the amazing artist, Pedro Lange Churión.

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VIEW: Pedro Lange Churión Gallery

Show Notes:

Pedro Lange Churión Links

  • USF Profile Page
  • Stay tuned... More "May My Flesh  on his project coming soon!





RE Casper Workshops

Mar 24, 2017

We have a great discussion for you today, as Mike Lee, steps into StreetPX studio+ to share his story, his process, trade some shop talk and much more.

Growing up across the US and eventually settling in New York City, Mike Lee made it his home and carved out a great space for himself. Bridging many artistic outlets including, but not limited to fiction writing, photography, editorial journalism and a deep passion for working with and protecting the labor unions.

Mike Lee is also the managing editor of the Trade Union Paper, Public Employee Press and while he may be a local to NYC these days, if your in California, you can find his work in the Art Thou Gallery in Berkeley, CA. A seasonally revolving exhibit, that will be on display until September of this year (2017).

If your a reader, then we definitely suggest checking out his writing, throughout the Ampersand ReviewReservoirParaphilia MagazineThe Potomac/CountingThe Potomac/A Daunting Exercise, Dime Store Review and many many more.

Tune in today... and we'd also love to hear your feedback on, so after you click that big orange button up there, be sure to email our team at

Mike Lee Links
Other Notes
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Mar 10, 2017

Dialing in from Taipei, Taiwan and 16 hours into the future, we have TC Lin in the studio to drop a great discussion on the crew.

TC Lin is a name that should ring many bells for our listeners and if not, its time to change that. TC is a man of many creative pursuits; including street photographer, musician, film maker, documentarian, educator and we travel down many of these paths in this episode of StreetPX.

Listen his story to becoming a citizen of Taiwan and subsequent time in the military, his early days of moderating the Hard Core Street Photography group on Flickr and from this, the formation of the the Burn My Eye collective. A very well regarded group of photographers, comprised of shooters at the top of their game.

Also, be sure to hold out till the second half, as he shares an amazing experience documenting the Sunflower Student Movement of 2014. An egregiously underreported protest occupation of the National Parliament Building, by the students in Taiwan... which admittedly leads us down some politically charged discussions a time or two in this one... so we hope you don't hold that against us.

That said, we're sure there is plenty of content in this episode to fill your day... So, scroll on up and hit that "Play" button.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us, any questions for our hosts or for TC Lin, please direct an email to

Interested in helping TC publish his Sunflower Student Movement project?

- Please direct your email to -

TC Lin Links
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Some of the Artists Mentioned in today's show:
Feb 24, 2017
EP34 - Recipe for the Street with Neil Geller

Born in LA, but a Bay area man for the last 20+ years, Neil Geller is an artist hungry for inspiration and knowledge. 

While "people watching" seeped into his veins early on, professional culinary arts filled his life for over two decades. In the last few years however, his work brought him full circle as he began conducting his own food photography. Over time, this rekindled passion coupled with his interest in observing the human condition and a street photographer emerged.

Even though it took him awhile to come back around to photography, we won't hold that against him. We originally meet Neil during last years Streetfoto festival in San Francisco and subsequent local gallery events since. Most recently, he was one of our finalists for the San Francisco Street Photography Groups premier street photography exhibit "eXposed"

Today, we're barreling through a number of topics, ranging from his continued interest in workshops to better his craft, to his background series project using murals as elements in a scene, our favorite routes in the city and so much more.

Check out some of his work below and let us know your thoughts, with a review over on iTunes or iHeartRadio. 

Show Links:

Feb 10, 2017
EP33 - Photographing the Womens March and a Big Announcement

It's a laid back episode today, as Casper and Jim catch up on some photographic shop talk. We're discussing the recent Womens March, the Oakland election protests and much more.

Best of all, we have a major announcement regarding our show and the upcoming Streetfoto Festival. 

Can you say, Live Studio Audience? That's right! Come this June, we'll be recording a live show in front of real people. Yeah, that's going to be wild and if you're in the San Francisco bay around that time, we'd love for you to join us! 

We'll drop more bits of information about this along the way. So stay tuned in.

Jan 27, 2017
EP32 - Contemporary Photographic Impressionism with Roxanne Overton

Episode 32 - Roxanne Overton Promo

Roxanne Overton is a photographer, writer, speaker and educator and we are proud to have her in the studio for this weeks edition of StreetPX.

An artist with roots in traditional media such as paints, pottery, stained glass and more, Roxanne got her start in photography with a kindly gifted camera and a natural curiosity for double exposures and black and white film.

Today we're pulling Roxanne out from behind the camera, so she can describe her whimsical and truly unique photographic style, why the camera is her tool of choice, as well as her visual essays from Morocco, Burma and Paris, among others beautiful destinations. We even find ourselves rambling back down the path of self critiques, technical discussion on Lightroom and Photoshop and best of all, the importance of looking beyond the photo and discovering a personal vision. :-)

Oh, and please forgive us for some odd peanut gallery noises... The dog and the birds got a bit rambunctious and apparently we had some increased magnetism with Roxanne Overton in the studio, which added a bit of background buzzzzz early on... But hey, it all adds to the character of the show... Right!?

Anyway, it's time to quit reading and click Play... This is StreetPX and the street, awaits...

Roxanne Overton Links

Roxanne Overton Books

Events Mentioned:

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Now, scroll back up and hit play already!

Jan 13, 2017
Episode 31 - Birds Eye View on Photography with Steve Abbott

EP31 - Steve Abbott Promo Photo

Sacramento photographer and friend of birds, Steve Abbott joins the SPX team for a chill talk about his artistic path to the camera, his love of film, birds and Richard Avedon.

The man has a way of capturing the true life of a scene and the work must be seen. Check out his feed below. Also, the day was bound to come... yes, I'm referring to gear talk and admittedly, we geek out on some sweet film gear during this one. But it's healthy, as we lust over Steve's Koni-Omerga and the importance of lucky thrift shop finds.

Don't forget to check out the new Photographic Lines series available in the StreetPX Merchandise Store. We have over two dozen intricately (for 30 minutes) designed cameras and photography related t-shirts available. Show some love for the show and your favorite camera. If we don't have it, let us know by emailing us at We also love feedback in general, so hit us up anyway.

Tune on in and take a trip down the life's path of Steve Abbott.

Steve's beautiful Koni-Omega Rapid

Steve's Links:

Show Links:

Dec 29, 2016
Episode 30 - Cameras, Kids and Bikes with Todd Bischoff

Some of our listeners may know Todd Bischoff, the photographer. A wonderful artist, featured in a number of exhibits through the years and recently one of the finalists of the juried San Francisco Street Photography exhibit, "eXposed".

Here at StreetPX, we were obviously interested in the "street photographer" Todd Bischoff; a man who has a way of capturing a wonderful sense of energy in his photos, showing subjects simply bursting with life. It's an approach that offers a very fascinating window into American life.

But there is much more to his story that must be shared. Originally diving into photography during the mid 90's as an undergraduate at Texas Tech. An extensive background working in fine arts (particularly sculpture art). A career in graphic design and these days getting a daily dose of camera practice, while chasing his new addition to the family.

Additionally, over the years, he's been able to combine his photography with his cycling. And through the fusion of these two passions, he's been able to expand his portfolio beyond just the street, with what we'd like to call "exploration photography". Something you simply need to see at his webpage, Hinterland Arts.

There is a ton of content to pour though here. So ahead and hit play and learn more about today's special guest, Todd Bischoff.


Show Links:

Artist Mentioned:

Dec 16, 2016
EP29 - Imagining the Story Behind the Photograph with Stephen Leslie

We're going international again today with London based photographer and BBC writer, Stephen Leslie.

In his own words, Stephen Leslie, "started out as a film maker, who became a writer, whose also a photographer".

Through this process, over the years he has acquired a substantial archive , to which he is now doing something truly inspiring. Using his gift for writing (our words, not his) and applying a sense of imagination to the visual stories he creates with his camera, he is putting together a very fascinating book called Sparks. Within, he aims to compile a series tall tales and in some cases, based in reality, using his own imagery as a visual foundation. 

Stephen Leslie: "...Thinking in Suggestive moments... I want to come back with a photo to lead me... to think about what else is going on... or could be going on with that photograph."

It was a blast to have him in the studio, talking about his upcoming book, his process, photography in relation to cinema, shooting street with medium format and so much more.

Tune in today to this very fun episode with Stephen Leslie.

Featured Photo related to On-Air story read

Photo by Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie Links

Show Notes

Artists Mentioned

Dec 2, 2016
EP28 - Giving Voice to the Voiceless with photographer Wesaam Al-Badry

Documentary photographer Wesaam Al-Badry, is the very embodiment of an artist harnessing his childhood struggle to create amazingly inspiring work.

In the wake of the Gulf War, a strong Iraqi woman took her 5 children under wing and fled her war torn home in Nasiriyah. One of those children was Wesaam and for context of this struggle, the youngest, a sister, was barely over a week at the time. In the four years spent in a Saudi Arabia refugee camp, he developed his early passion for photography, clicking away at a camera acquire by trade, but no film to speak of.

It was this passion that remained with him, like his camera... and over the years, he's put in photographic work from CNN to Al Jazeera America, Contact Photo Agency, covering social and environmental issues from the Mississippi Delta to the Pipeline protests in Rosebud, ND and so much more.

Trust us, Wesaam Al-Badry is all about full investment in his vision and there is far more to be reference than can be typed here...But why would we, StreetPX is about the interview, not the summary, so we think it best to have you click play.

Don't miss out on the new StreetPX Merchandise Store. With 24 designs, there's a lot of awesomeness just waiting to be tossed over your head, down your torso and two side holes for your arms to poke through. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, these are T-shirts. Bad ass T-shirts to show some photographic love.

Footnote: Editing this episode to even the current 100 minutes was heart breaking. If you can't get enough, then we suggest becoming one of our Patreon contributors and damn near 30 minutes of additional discussion. These "after-hours" conversations get a bit more "poli-focused", so you have been warned. ;-) 

Wesaam Al-Badry Links

Show Links

Nov 18, 2016
EP27 - The Hell I Can't - Interview with Photojournalist Dwayne Newton

Admittedly, Photojournalism Has Taken Over StreetPX this Month

Today, we have veteran of the craft and retired San Francisco Firefighter, Dwayne Newton, weaving some striking tales of action all around the world. From photographing the Tamil Tigers and dodging landmines in post-tsunami Sri Lanka, to documenting Contra Camps and politicians during the 1986 Peace Agreement in Esquipulas, Guatemala.

Battle forged, Dwayne Newton has also covered Green Peace activity aboard the Rainbow Warrior during an interruption with the US Naval Sonic testing, being ambushed on the way to El Salvador and much more.

This episode is full of content you don't want to miss.

Also, please join us in this years Secret Print Exchange. More information can be found here.

Click play and listen to the stories of Dwayne Newton.

Photos of Note:

Dwayne's Links:

Items of Note:

Some of the Artists Mentioned:

Nov 4, 2016
EP26 - Unfiltered Reality in Post Baby Doc Haiti with Steve Bollman

Steve Bollman - Photo by Nima Taradji

Steve Bollman is a photographer with nerves of steel and today, we've pulled him into the studio for what proved to be one hell of a heavy discussion.

StreetPX is all about raw stories and today we are gifted with some powerful accounts. Including a very tense experience facing gun fire in a Haitian conflict zone following the ouster of Baby Doc, running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, a trip with some familiar names to Cuba and much more.

Steve has been featured in Aperture magazine, US News, World Report and many more.

We deem this episode "Required Listening" and we f*cking mean it.

Tune in Today!

Steve Bollman Links

Show Links

Artists Mentioned

eXposed Exhibit

  • Exhibit Finalists
  • Our Thanks to the Judges:
    • Dave Christensen, Dwayne Newton, Grant Rusk, Gordon Szeto, Matt Osborne, Jennifer McFarland, Roxanne Worthington
Oct 21, 2016
EP25 - Sculpting with Light and Shadow - Interview with Rinzi Ruiz

Believe it or not, it's been a full year since we kicked off StreetPX and what a year it has been. We talked with esteemed documentary photographers, pulitzer prize winning journalists, phenomenal educators, founders of some of the largest street photography communities online and festivals around the world, inspiring street photographers and even still, we've yet to put a dent in the list of guests we have to come.

We could not be prouder and that pride is without question, a direct result of you good folks out there lending us your ear. For this, we thank you all.

That said, enough with the sentimental talk, it's time to announce our next masterful light chaser and fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, Rinzi Ruiz. One of LA's finest street photographers and this week, he's connecting with us on StreetPX.

Through the years, Rinzi has walked the streets of LA, developing his own unique style of high contrast street photography. Through his use of light, shadow and well framed geometry, it's work like this that can truly push you to get up off the couch and hit the street.

To learn more about the artist, Rinzi Ruiz, we discuss the photographers he admires, educators that helped mold his technique and it wouldn't be a proper StreetPX show without tangential banter.

This is StreetPX, One Year strong... and as always... the street awaits.

Rinzi Ruiz Post Banner

Rinzi Ruiz Links

Artists' Mentioned

Additional Show Notes

Photo books:

Oct 7, 2016

dani oshi streetpx headmast

This past September, Dani Oshi briefly visited our studio to announce the Brussels Street Photography Festival. During that episode, we promised to bring him back to learn more about who he is and what it is that drives Dani Oshi into the streets each day.

That time has come and he was kind enough to rejoin us this week for a full session discussion. We talk about his projects past and future, the artists' who inspire him, his work in flash photography aimed at highlighting the ordinary, working with the WorldSP group on Tumblr (well over 30,000 followers to date) and so much more.

Also, if your in the San Francisco area this October or December, mark your calendars for two phenomenal exhibitions at the Harvey Milk Photo Center...

Now, stop reading and just hit play!

Dani Oshi Links:

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Photo books Mentioned:

Artist's Mention:

Sep 24, 2016



This week we have the delightful Marie Laigneau, photographer and social media juggernaut, joining us in the StreetPX studio for some great shop talk.

Marie shares a bit about her editing process, creating tension for engaging street photography, as well as her work with Out of Chicago and the upcoming Out of New York convention this October and much more. We even get into a fun discussion about our love of cinema and the critical role it can play in our street photography. Certainly a helpful place for photographers to fish for inspiration.

Now this episode wasn't without some special behind-the-curtain issues, as technology got a bit mean, requiring the need for a wizard's wand to resolve some garbled audio troubles, which we were able to get rid of most (apologies for some that had to remain) not to mention a stomach turning moment where Casper left his laptop on the plane while flying to New York this week. So, this delay was brought to you by none other than Casper's absent-mindedness.

I guess what we are saying is, this episode holds a special place in our hearts.

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits...

Marie Laigneau's Links:

Show Notes:

Sep 12, 2016

EP22 Brussels Street Photography Festival with Dani Oshi

Street photographer and Co-Founder of the Brussels Street Photography Festival, Dani Oshi, visits StreetPX to discuss the many facets of this wonderful event, coming to Belgium on Oct. 28th.

This year's inaugural event offers numerous contests, exhibitions, Magnum Photographer hosted workshops & presentations, portfolio reviews and much more. Options that will satisfy the needs of street shooters and aficionados alike.

If your are traveling abroad or hailing from Belgium, check out our show and do add Brussels to your itinerary this fall. The Brussels Street Photography Festival is not to be missed.

Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016

Event Dates: October 26- November 2

Interested in entering the many contests? Please know, the deadline is September 15Submit today!


"The Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) is a cultural project whose objective is to promote street photography as an urban research tool, a form of cultural communication and a visual art. The main ambition of the BSPF is to delve deeper into those visual elements that define the contemporary identity of Brussels in two dimensions, from a local and a global perspective."

This won't be the last time you hear from Dani Oshi. He'll be back in the studio very soon, sharing his stories in the world of street photography.

Tune in Today!

Show Links:



Sep 9, 2016

StreetPX Masthead - Valerie Jardin Episode 21

Valerie Jardin has become a household name in street photography. An avid street photographer, tireless educator, world traveler and host of Street Focus on the TWiP network... and today, she is all ours.

As an educator with so much knowledge to share, she regularly contributes to Digital Photography School, and even hosts workshops around the world... Which sell out as fast as she can plan them. So much so, she is currently booked until 2018. That's no typo...

This past June, while during the "Out of Chicago" conference, our crew had the pleasure of attending a thought provoking seminar by the wonderful Valerie Jardin. We even had some time outside the conference to get to know her a bit more. Needless to say, we've been looking forward to Valerie joining us in the StreetPX studio and that day has finally come.

There is so much we wanted to speak to her about and as usual, we didn't go down all the roads we desired... but it won't be the last time we have here in to talk shop. We received a promise on that.

Moreover, Valerie was kind enough to invite our team to join her for a future episode of Street Focus, which, as you can imagine, we jumped at the chance. Which makes it official, StreetPX will be making a visit to the TWiP network later in the year.

But that's later and this is now. This is an episode not to be missed!

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits...

Valerie Jardin Links:

Learn about the craft:

Be sure to check out Street Focus, Valerie's wonderful podcast. But do come back to StreetPX right after. :-)

Street Focus Album Cover

Aug 26, 2016
Episode 20 - Photofarting Donkeys - Interview with Gardner Hamilton

StreetPX Episode 20 with Gardner Hamilton

Gardner Hamilton has logged well over 700 destination weddings, across 40+ countries, which is impressive on its own. Today however, our eyes are fixed on his two creations, and Easily among the most active street photographer groups and galleries available online.

Gardner has put his heart and soul into expanding the craft and bringing exposure to photographers around the world. With his huge focus on SEO, it's likely a member with a feature could find their own website come up below their blackandwhitestreet profile in search results. Not an easy feat for a webmaster. But damn if it's not a successful recipe.

We dive into a range of photographic topics; brutal honesty in portfolio reviews, observing your surroundings, thinking before pulling the shutter, "photofarting" and much more, including some not so photographic topics.

Fair warning for those with children nearby, this one treads down that dark alley on a few occasions. Let's just say, a touch more NSFW than usual. ;)

Gardner Hamilton Link:
Show Notes:
Artist's Mentioned
Aug 12, 2016
Episode 19 - Photography Induced Dopamine - Molly Porter

During our recent travels to "Out of Chicago" this past June, we had the pleasure of running into a good friend of the show, the mighty Molly Porter. A prolific and formidable force in the world of Mobile Street Photography and this week, we're bringing her story to you.

We go down many roads during this interview with Molly, including how the mobile phone sparked her interest in street photography, her ongoing inspirations and above all, the unspoken reality of male dominance in street photography today. A topic near and dear to Molly, an artist who uses her work and voice to equalize that invisible barrier and we are proud to offer that segment as part of the discussion with our listeners.

By the way, if you're digging the show, we ask that you please support us through our Patreon page. For as little as a $1.00 a month (or as much as you wish) you can be a part of something awesome... Plus, there is a ton of bonus content and great rewards awaiting those who join in. It's as easy as skipping a coffee each month and everything helps to keep these mics hot.


And for you all on the East coast, don't forget about our upcoming Workshop, presented by StreetPX. A three day intense course, with RE Casper and Vineet Vohra, stomping the streets of Manhattan. Click below and Register Today!

StreetPX Presents - NY Workshop - Dark Banner 150

That said, it's time to hit play...

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits...


Molly Porter Links:

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