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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Mar 10, 2017

Dialing in from Taipei, Taiwan and 16 hours into the future, we have TC Lin in the studio to drop a great discussion on the crew.

TC Lin is a name that should ring many bells for our listeners and if not, its time to change that. TC is a man of many creative pursuits; including street photographer, musician, film maker, documentarian, educator and we travel down many of these paths in this episode of StreetPX.

Listen his story to becoming a citizen of Taiwan and subsequent time in the military, his early days of moderating the Hard Core Street Photography group on Flickr and from this, the formation of the the Burn My Eye collective. A very well regarded group of photographers, comprised of shooters at the top of their game.

Also, be sure to hold out till the second half, as he shares an amazing experience documenting the Sunflower Student Movement of 2014. An egregiously underreported protest occupation of the National Parliament Building, by the students in Taiwan... which admittedly leads us down some politically charged discussions a time or two in this one... so we hope you don't hold that against us.

That said, we're sure there is plenty of content in this episode to fill your day... So, scroll on up and hit that "Play" button.

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