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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

StreetPX Interview with Chris Suspect Banner

It's been a long summer break and the StreetPX crew has been itching to get back to business... So without further delay, we bring you the start of Season 4, with the one and only, Chris Suspect!

In true StreetPX form, we start with the introspective build up, analyzing a bit of those childhood roots of inspiration. As a 14 year old kid in Helsinki, Chris took his his first full leap into Punk Rock with a purchase of Devo's "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" and "Give 'Em Enough Rope" by the Clash. Both of which were impulse buys, solely on the graphic influence of the album covers.

But it was Punk Rock that would act as a catalyst for that creative expression and whether he was rocking out to a live show, wading through a mosh pit documenting the energy, thrashing on the stage, or helping usher in new talent, Chris never looked back... and his work definitely reflects that passion.

You know that Robert Capa quote, 'if your photos aren’t good enough, your not close enough'…. When your photographing Punk Rock, if the photos aren’t good enough, your not getting punched in the face enough.

Chris Suspect on photographing live Punk Rock concerts

Throughout, Chris shares his appreciation for the masters, such as Elliot Erwitt and Josef Koudelka, all the way up to his recent influences through workshops and collaborations with Alex Webb and Richard Bram.

We dive down his life as a traveling kid of diplomat parents in Soviet Moscow, Bangkok, Copenhagen, his lucky break capturing Ty Cobb (ex-Trump lawyer) rocking out to Copstabber at the Slash Run Bar in Washington DC and much more.

Needless to say, there is a lot to unpack in this season opener... So stop reading, take a quick look at some of the work and listen in as we chat down with Chris Suspect.

Enter the Miami Street Photography Festival Contests

Day of the Dead Workshop (San Miguel, MX Oct 29 - Nov 4)

Oh, and a tip for those street photographers in the DC area, Chris may have given away a secret by telling us about a local photogenic hotspot at 7th and H Street. So, don't go there, okay... Just stay away.

If you enjoy the experienced stories from a lifetime of musical inspiration, be sure to check out our interview with Deadhead photographer, Jay Blakesberg.

Artist Links

Show Notes:

Artists Mentioned

  • Elliot Erwitt
  • Juan Jose Reyes (MSPF)
  • Veronica Valle (MSPF)
  • Lauren Welles (MSPF)
  • Lynne Kaplan (MSPF)
  • Alex Webb
  • Richard Bram
  • Josef Koudelka
  • Brandon Hill (No Kings Collective)

Bands/Venues/Outlets Mentioned

  • Devo
  • Clash
  • Copstabber (band)
  • Minor Threat (band)
  • Black Flag (band)
  • TSOL (band)
  • Naked Raygun (band)
  • Mission Impossible (Dave Grohl's first band)
  • Lunch Meat (band)
  • Kent Stacks (band: Scream)
  • The Loft (Venue in Baltimore)
  • Tim Yohannan - Maximum Rock and Roll in Berkeley