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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Oct 7, 2016

dani oshi streetpx headmast

This past September, Dani Oshi briefly visited our studio to announce the Brussels Street Photography Festival. During that episode, we promised to bring him back to learn more about who he is and what it is that drives Dani Oshi into the streets each day.

That time has come and he was kind enough to rejoin us this week for a full session discussion. We talk about his projects past and future, the artists' who inspire him, his work in flash photography aimed at highlighting the ordinary, working with the WorldSP group on Tumblr (well over 30,000 followers to date) and so much more.

Also, if your in the San Francisco area this October or December, mark your calendars for two phenomenal exhibitions at the Harvey Milk Photo Center...

Now, stop reading and just hit play!

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