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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Dec 16, 2016

We're going international again today with London based photographer and BBC writer, Stephen Leslie.

In his own words, Stephen Leslie, "started out as a film maker, who became a writer, whose also a photographer".

Through this process, over the years he has acquired a substantial archive , to which he is now doing something truly inspiring. Using his gift for writing (our words, not his) and applying a sense of imagination to the visual stories he creates with his camera, he is putting together a very fascinating book called Sparks. Within, he aims to compile a series tall tales and in some cases, based in reality, using his own imagery as a visual foundation. 

Stephen Leslie: "...Thinking in Suggestive moments... I want to come back with a photo to lead me... to think about what else is going on... or could be going on with that photograph."

It was a blast to have him in the studio, talking about his upcoming book, his process, photography in relation to cinema, shooting street with medium format and so much more.

Tune in today to this very fun episode with Stephen Leslie.

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