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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Jan 27, 2017

Episode 32 - Roxanne Overton Promo

Roxanne Overton is a photographer, writer, speaker and educator and we are proud to have her in the studio for this weeks edition of StreetPX.

An artist with roots in traditional media such as paints, pottery, stained glass and more, Roxanne got her start in photography with a kindly gifted camera and a natural curiosity for double exposures and black and white film.

Today we're pulling Roxanne out from behind the camera, so she can describe her whimsical and truly unique photographic style, why the camera is her tool of choice, as well as her visual essays from Morocco, Burma and Paris, among others beautiful destinations. We even find ourselves rambling back down the path of self critiques, technical discussion on Lightroom and Photoshop and best of all, the importance of looking beyond the photo and discovering a personal vision. :-)

Oh, and please forgive us for some odd peanut gallery noises... The dog and the birds got a bit rambunctious and apparently we had some increased magnetism with Roxanne Overton in the studio, which added a bit of background buzzzzz early on... But hey, it all adds to the character of the show... Right!?

Anyway, it's time to quit reading and click Play... This is StreetPX and the street, awaits...

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