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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Feb 24, 2017

Born in LA, but a Bay area man for the last 20+ years, Neil Geller is an artist hungry for inspiration and knowledge. 

While "people watching" seeped into his veins early on, professional culinary arts filled his life for over two decades. In the last few years however, his work brought him full circle as he began conducting his own food photography. Over time, this rekindled passion coupled with his interest in observing the human condition and a street photographer emerged.

Even though it took him awhile to come back around to photography, we won't hold that against him. We originally meet Neil during last years Streetfoto festival in San Francisco and subsequent local gallery events since. Most recently, he was one of our finalists for the San Francisco Street Photography Groups premier street photography exhibit "eXposed"

Today, we're barreling through a number of topics, ranging from his continued interest in workshops to better his craft, to his background series project using murals as elements in a scene, our favorite routes in the city and so much more.

Check out some of his work below and let us know your thoughts, with a review over on iTunes or iHeartRadio. 

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