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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Jul 7, 2017

Christopher Rusanowsky joins us from the comfort of his home in Los Angeles, California. We're getting back to photojournalism and documentary photography, as we discuss his assignments in the streets of Manila, Philippines, LA, the oil fields of North Dakota and much more.

Among many topics, we also focus on two of his completed projects. The first, a two part series (Population & Poverty / The Mamali), is a photographic exploration of life in the fishing villages of the Philippines, and the dangerous and dire environments of the lower class of Manila...a life of poverty that grips nearly a quarter of the population.

The second, a personal and very unique point of view of the oil fields of North Dakota [Bakken Rock Formation]. Spending two years working and photographing from within a community of workers who came together to complete a goal and protect one another from the ever present threat of isolation, failing equipment, sleep deprivation and grueling labor. All before the jobs dried up and the national spotlight landed.

Join us today, as we open up these fascinating stories and go beyond the images to learn more about today's special guest photographer, Christopher Rusanowsky!

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