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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Aug 11, 2017

EP45 - Dave Christensen

Dave Christensen is the director of the esteemed Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco. One of the largest darkrooms in the US and soon to celebrate it's 75th anniversary in operation.

Following an unfortunate stumble, where we missed our last scheduled show (hope you all enjoyed some reruns), we are now back with a fantastic episode.

With a solid heart and a true passion for the arts, Dave has transitioned HMPC from an already wonderful darkroom facility, into a prime San Francisco exhibit space, hosting up to 15 varied photographic events year around. You would be hard pressed to find a day when HMPC does not have an amazing exhibit on display in their ~1000sqft space. Servicing as host to not only our last event, "eXposed", but as the main venue for the Streetfoto International Street Photography Festival.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Dave started his career wielding a back-breaking Deardorff, specializing in commercial and fashion photography from Madison to Chicago to San Francisco. Through the years, he has worked with clients such as Spiegal, Marshal Fields and Levi Strauss, as well as well known models Kelly Lynch and Christy Turlington.

It's a wonderful life's story and an inspiration for creatives everywhere.

This episode brought to you by Glass Key Photo in San Francisco – Get your analog gear, film, repairs and more at 442 Haight Street from now till the end of the month. Starting August 1st, you’ll find them at their new location at 1230 Sutter Street, just off Van Ness Avenue in mid-town San Francisco.

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