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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Sep 9, 2016

StreetPX Masthead - Valerie Jardin Episode 21

Valerie Jardin has become a household name in street photography. An avid street photographer, tireless educator, world traveler and host of Street Focus on the TWiP network... and today, she is all ours.

As an educator with so much knowledge to share, she regularly contributes to Digital Photography School, and even hosts workshops around the world... Which sell out as fast as she can plan them. So much so, she is currently booked until 2018. That's no typo...

This past June, while during the "Out of Chicago" conference, our crew had the pleasure of attending a thought provoking seminar by the wonderful Valerie Jardin. We even had some time outside the conference to get to know her a bit more. Needless to say, we've been looking forward to Valerie joining us in the StreetPX studio and that day has finally come.

There is so much we wanted to speak to her about and as usual, we didn't go down all the roads we desired... but it won't be the last time we have here in to talk shop. We received a promise on that.

Moreover, Valerie was kind enough to invite our team to join her for a future episode of Street Focus, which, as you can imagine, we jumped at the chance. Which makes it official, StreetPX will be making a visit to the TWiP network later in the year.

But that's later and this is now. This is an episode not to be missed!

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits...

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Be sure to check out Street Focus, Valerie's wonderful podcast. But do come back to StreetPX right after. :-)

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