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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Sep 23, 2017

EP48 - Nick Mayo Promo Graphic

This week, we have a special Film Week Episode for you, featuring special guest Nick Mayo of YouTube's "Nick Exposed" and with guest co-host Pete Rosos, we're talking developing, darkroom, zines, scanning and more.

In a twist of fate, Jim is currently traveling the East Coast, so we took this opportunity to ask our friend Pete Rosos to return to the StreetPX studio and this time take a seat in the co-host chair. Being a film focused week and a film aficionado himself, it proved to be a perfect fit and resulted in a magnificent episode.

Pete and Nick both also have a request for , to bring back T-Max 3200.

We were introduced to Nick Mayo and were instantly taken by his show, "Nick Exposed". Through this inspiring YouTube Channel, Nick weaves together a fresh and honest stream on such topics as Giving back with our Photography, Selling Prints and most heavily discussed topics on today's episode, Zine making and Film-Film-Film.

Nick shares his use of Jazz in the Zine making process, the manner in which he finds his inspiration, his most recent release, "My Kind of Tone". Sadly sold out at the moment, but he has another coming out soon.

Since we're focused on film, we of course dive down our own experiences in developing, darkroom printing, scanning and more. It's a wide ranging, long winded episode, with an additional 15 minutes of Bonus Material usually reserved for our Patreon contributors, posted below for all listeners.

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This episode brought to you by Glass Key Photo in San Francisco – Get your analog gear, film, repairs and more at 442 Haight Street from now till the end of the month. Starting August 1st, you’ll find them at their new location at 1230 Sutter Street, just off Van Ness Avenue in mid-town San Francisco.