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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Oct 9, 2018

Hanna Radek - StreetPX Episode 71 Banner

Calling in from picturesque Munich, Germany, today's guest is long distance friend of the show, Hanna Radek and we're talking photography, the Avengers, atomic wastelands, El Salvadoran gangs, you know, normal stuff.

Hanna may have grown up in Nuremberg, but she is a child of the world. A travel and street photographer, she is a true inspiration to those who wish to see the world. 

Picking up her first camera, a Minolta XD5, gifted by her father, she took to a creative life early on and dove head first into a the art of 3D Character Animation. A unique decision that led her to animating character movement for the Marvel Avengers film. Particularly Iron Man and this is something Casper and Jim found ample opportunity to fan-out over.

Discovering she wanted more from the world and to avoid the pending struggle such a daunting industry can bring, she pulled together her experience and moved on to production management in the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality segment.

We spend a little bit fanning out a bit more... but...

Soon, our conversation moves toward the true heart of the episode, and that is Hanna's travels and photography... From Chernobyl to El Salvador, Hanna weaves together many great stories from along the way.

First, finding a hunger to get out and experience something new for the first time. At the age of 19, she applied to a volunteer program as a homeless helper in a randomly assigned region of South America. This brought her to spending a year, assisting those in need at a community in El Salvador. A trip that helped push Hanna beyond her comfort zone and ushered in a new journey of discovery. 

I know I cannot change the world, but I could give those people something for their life... and they gave me so much more.

Hanna Radek on her year in El Salvador

Things get fascinatingly eerie as we discuss her walk through Chernobyl. In what began as a Motorbike trip, a chance request by a friend turned into a unique adventure through Kiev and the ruins of Chernobyl.

I love to be on the edge, where people meet and ideas are created. I love that...

Hanna Radek on her love of travel.

Tune on in and we hope you enjoy our discussion with Hanna Radek.

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