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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

May 18, 2017

StreetPX is tapping into both sides of the brain today, as Adobe Lightroom Product Manager and travel photographer, Josh Haftel, stops by the SPX studios to discuss his work, share insights into the workings of the Adobe machine, as well as a guided story on his 2 year walk-about through Myanmar, Cambodia and other wonderfully beautiful and remote locales.

Josh is a creative to the bones, with many stories to share... So tune in today and give those brain cells a jolt.

Oh and we want to remind all our listeners that our first ever SPX Live Audience Show is coming up quick - June 9th. So if your in the Bay area for Streetfoto this year, do not forget to register and join in our Peanut Gallery. Register Here! Tickets are FREE!

NOTE: We had some internet issues during this one, so the audio may not be the best it can be and we apologize for the echoey sound with Josh... It's not too bad, we're just perfectionists....

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