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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Jun 23, 2017

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After an awesome first go at recording in front of a Live Studio Audience at Streetfoto, we're getting back into the interview groove, as we sit down with Bangkok Street Photographer, Rammy Narula.

If this name does not yet ring a bell, then you have to listen to this episode immediately. Rammy's talent is a unique blend of dedication and a style akin to sitting down to watch a theatrical blockbuster in slow motion. His way of capturing light to create the most vivid and inspiring slivers of time, are truly inspiring and today he lays out the process in creating his work and publishing his recent project, "Platform 10". A collection of images, freezing the history of one of the numerous platforms that "are", or rather, soon to be, "was" a part of life for many in the area.

Spinning off Platform 10, we dive into his experience capturing his neighborhood in the rapidly changing landscape of Bangkok, where history is being lost to mass demolition. An unfortunate side effect of urbanization in the modern world.

We have a ton to go over and just over an hour to do it... So let's welcome Rammy Narula, as he connects from 14 hours in the future and (at the time of recording) calmly awaiting a call, announcing he'll soon be a new dad.

From all of us at StreetPX.... Congrats on your new son. Happy Father's Day to you... and to all the dads out there!... and single moms, too!

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