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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Dec 4, 2018

FAITH is an engaging visual story about the often underrepresented gay African American community, their lives, their faith and their response to discrimination, both racial and religious.

We enjoyed our talk with Chris Suspect, so much the last time, we simply had to get him back in here to discuss the stories behind the imagery in his upcoming book, FAITH.

In Washington D.C., Chris Suspect, like most days, stumbles upon interesting scenes and characters. These subjects often become (usually) unaware subjects for his camera. However, one of these chance moments lead to something much greater than a singular photograph in the street.

While witnessing a young man (Bilal) get his foot ran over, Chris felt his instincts kick in and began documenting the his reaction to the pain and situation, which lead to Bilal climbing up and taking a seat on the hood of the car to await the authorities.

Chris gave his photos to him as evidence, but this introduction evolved into real work. With Chris capturing events that most would call, bizarre, such as the first event he agreed to, an Underwear Party in Dupont Circle.

Soon after undertaking the project, he found many doors began to open and a proper story unfolding. These new acquaintances offered him (and his lens) a glimpsed into a world few will see, and even fewer will understand. From parties to prayer, Chris spent a year documenting these men and the lives they lead, including The Community Church in Washington, D.C., lead by Reverend Aaron Wade Jones.

It was also during this time, that he took notice of a unique form of discrimination happening, even within the LGBT community... and he speaks in great length to this in our conversation.

I saw it first hand. I used to go to some night clubs with these guys and there’d be instances where some of them wouldn’t be allowed in, because of some kind of bogus dress code… or, we’d be at the bar and I’d order a drink and they’d order a drink and they would be charged more than I was….

Chris Suspect, speaking on discrimination, even within the LGBT community

We also breakdown his process in getting the project from camera to print... Finding the publisher, editing the imagery, hoops to be jumped through and the moments he tried to best avoid selling his soul to bring to the world such a powerful story.

“While this is a documentary book… It is all shot from the perspective of a street photographer”

Chris Suspect speaking on the influence of street photography in creating, FAITH

Tune in and if you want to reserve a of FAITH today, following the following link to pre-order.

Pre-Order Here

Live Talk by Chris Suspect

Chris will also be featuring FAITH, during his talk at Miami Street Photography Festival on Thursday (Dec 7th @ 11:30am) - History of Miami Museum

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