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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Jun 11, 2017

For the first time in our show's history, we dive head first into a live studio recording our StreetPX at the Streetfoto Festival.... in front a real life audience. Seriously, we're talking a room of actual people.

Organizer, Ken Walton of the Streetfoto International Street Photography Festival was kind enough to honor our team with a full 2 hour time slot at this year's fantastic week long event in San Francisco, CA. If you've been living under a rock these last few months, let me simply say, Streetfoto is slowly becoming the West Coast standard for what an International Street Photography Festival should be. Offering lectures (featuring the legendary Bruce Gilden), portfolio reviews, workshops, critique sessions, live shows, photo walks, new mobile application and advanced camera technology demonstrations, photography exhibits and a above all, a community of like minded individuals gathering together from far and wide, for a full week of appreciation in the craft of Street Photography.

On this episode, we welcome back Rinzi Ruiz, LA's premier street photographer and previous guest of our show. This time, we get to sit down with him in person and expand upon some previous topics and his recent travels abroad.

Additionally, with this special format, we had the unique opportunity to do something very special and randomly select one of this year's contest finalists from the crowd and have them sit in with us and share their story.

It was an absolute blast and above all, a HUGE thanks to our audience of 60+ throughout the night. You all kept our blood flowing and offered us the greatest achievement we could ask for... damn near filling a room on the very same day as the Golden State Warriors attempt to complete a historic championship win.

For such an event here in the Bay, that is without a doubt a badge of honor and we thank you again for your help in that honor.

Another big thanks to the Harvey Milk Photo Center and Director Dave Christensen for opening your doors to us and to the HMPC team for making sure the room was set up for us.

If you did not make it, fear not... we have caught the Live Audience bug and will certainly be doing this again... and soon!

Tune in today!

Live Video Recording

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