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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

After a very successful Streetfoto festival and brief pause since our last episode, StreetPX is back with another great interview, as we sit down with Carmel's own, Marc Silber.

Marc Silber is a photographer, videographer and accomplished author of "Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos" and "Advancing Your Photography", two fantastic photography books with the Amazon Best Seller stamp of approval. Each a must have for any photographer, rookie or veteran alike.

In today's interview, we dive into the process of pulling his writing together and expand on the repository of inspiring tools described in "Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos". We discuss his work with the families of Ansel Adam and Edward Weston, his video interviews through and his extensive experience behind and in front of the camera.

Steelyard is a scale - You have a balance between a object on one side (which is larger), balanced with an object on the other side (which is smaller) and what it does is it creates a sense of balance in your composition.

Marc Silber speaking on the Steelyard Composition

Season Three Finale Episode

Now, don't be too mad at our producers here, but this will be the last episode in our third "season" of StreetPX. Casper and Jim are looking to enjoy some much needed down time this summer, and fuel up with a number of heavy hitter guests when they return to hit the ground running this fall... During this time, there will still be plenty of content flowing at you with blog posts, shares and critiques over on the StreetPX Lounge, updated PhotoNews on our Flipboard magazine and much more. You won't be forgetting about us that easily.

So hit that play button today and enjoy our talk with the one and only, Marc Silber... 

Have an awesome Summer StreetPX Nation!

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