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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Dec 2, 2016

Documentary photographer Wesaam Al-Badry, is the very embodiment of an artist harnessing his childhood struggle to create amazingly inspiring work.

In the wake of the Gulf War, a strong Iraqi woman took her 5 children under wing and fled her war torn home in Nasiriyah. One of those children was Wesaam and for context of this struggle, the youngest, a sister, was barely over a week at the time. In the four years spent in a Saudi Arabia refugee camp, he developed his early passion for photography, clicking away at a camera acquire by trade, but no film to speak of.

It was this passion that remained with him, like his camera... and over the years, he's put in photographic work from CNN to Al Jazeera America, Contact Photo Agency, covering social and environmental issues from the Mississippi Delta to the Pipeline protests in Rosebud, ND and so much more.

Trust us, Wesaam Al-Badry is all about full investment in his vision and there is far more to be reference than can be typed here...But why would we, StreetPX is about the interview, not the summary, so we think it best to have you click play.

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Footnote: Editing this episode to even the current 100 minutes was heart breaking. If you can't get enough, then we suggest becoming one of our Patreon contributors and damn near 30 minutes of additional discussion. These "after-hours" conversations get a bit more "poli-focused", so you have been warned. ;-) 

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