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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

May 5, 2017

Mike Kirschner began his creative path photographing the iconic musical artists' of San Francisco's psychedelic rock scene. From the mid-80s and the late-90s, he experienced the thrill of documenting such legends as Quick Silver Messenger Service, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and more.

Eventually, Mike discovered the thrill of street photography and later, took the reigns of the San Francisco Street Photography Group on Facebook. Since 2013, he has managed to grow its ranks to nearly 4000 members, establishing a thriving and robust community of talented photographers, including our very own SPX team... and during this past winter, he was instrumental in bringing to life the group's first high profile exhibition, title "eXposed", at the Harvey Milk Photo Center.

Tune in today and enjoy this fantastic conversation with our good friend, Mike Kirschner!

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Featured at eXposed and Shutterspeed
"Make Phil Sing!"

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