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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

Dec 29, 2016

Some of our listeners may know Todd Bischoff, the photographer. A wonderful artist, featured in a number of exhibits through the years and recently one of the finalists of the juried San Francisco Street Photography exhibit, "eXposed".

Here at StreetPX, we were obviously interested in the "street photographer" Todd Bischoff; a man who has a way of capturing a wonderful sense of energy in his photos, showing subjects simply bursting with life. It's an approach that offers a very fascinating window into American life.

But there is much more to his story that must be shared. Originally diving into photography during the mid 90's as an undergraduate at Texas Tech. An extensive background working in fine arts (particularly sculpture art). A career in graphic design and these days getting a daily dose of camera practice, while chasing his new addition to the family.

Additionally, over the years, he's been able to combine his photography with his cycling. And through the fusion of these two passions, he's been able to expand his portfolio beyond just the street, with what we'd like to call "exploration photography". Something you simply need to see at his webpage, Hinterland Arts.

There is a ton of content to pour though here. So ahead and hit play and learn more about today's special guest, Todd Bischoff.


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