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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

May 15, 2018

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After a very eventful and alcohol filled walk through Hippie Hill in San Francisco on 4/20, Ye Min and Casper sat down to discuss photographic inspirations, workshops and street photography.

Hailing from Yangon Myanmar, Ye Min has the benefit of world travel through his day job and never hesitates to turn this opportunity into a phenomenal exploration of street photography.

With an ever-present appreciation for conceptual poetry, Ye Min applies a combination of inspiration from Sophie Colle, technical knowledge pulled from workshops with Maciej Dakowicz and the editing prowess he developed from learning with Matt Stuart. Together these storytelling techniques allow him to continue to develop an amazing body of work that you simply must see.

Today, we're talking poetry, books, workshops, the importance of editing and analysis, and the act of being incredibly critical with your own work.

Also, be sure to check out the fantastic Myanmar_SP hashtag on Instagram. You'll be glad you did.

This episode brought to you by Glass Key Photo in San Francisco – Get your analog gear, film, repairs and more at 1230 Sutter Street, just off Van Ness Avenue in mid-town San Francisco. Open 7 days a week, 12pm-6pm.

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